I used to be a clothing buyer, or at least that is what my title was. I was responsible for filling a small store in Tokyo with artist-made clothing, accessories, printed matter, music, etc. and for a short time there was also an art gallery within the same space so that we could blur the dividing lines in the conversation about “What is art?”
Fast forward to now and I spend much of my days dog training; well, teaching people to train dogs, really. I cover everything from potty training puppies to dogs that are weary of strangers to specialized dog sports and enrichment activities and everything in between.

In many ways the two professions couldn’t be further opposites. In thinking about what I wanted to focus on for this new platform, I had the idea that I could meld these interests and more, together. Here, I will be talking about and focusing on creative living with children, other adults, and of course with animals. I will be featuring artists who are creatively parenting or caregiving as well as pet guardians who are navigating their relationships with their animals artfully. When relevant, I hope to make available the creations of those featured as well as items that have been helpful in their capacity as caregivers in our online shop. Welcome to Artful Animal. 

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