Thirty six years

Born in Hiroshima, Japan
Pratt Institute (BFA)
2002-2004 Desbrosses Gallery New York Director
2004-2014 hpgrp GALLERY NEW YORK Director
2014- hpf CHRISTOPHER Inc. Vice President

Up until high school, I grew up on Etajima of Hiroshima Prefecture, an island in the Seto Inland Sea.  Sado or Japanese tea ceremony, had been my mother’s passion for many years, so she served us matcha from time to time and tea utensils were never foreign in my daily life.
Once or twice a year, around the time my father might receive a bonus payment from work, a Sado utensil merchant from Hiroshima city would visit our home and talk for about 2 hours.  It was less about my mother hand-picking the best items and more of her chatting about Kyoto and Osaka with the merchant, and making decisions based on what was recommended.

To my mother, the Sado utensil merchant was a connoisseur.

The world today is full of art.  
We live in an era that lets us choose freely—with our senses and lifestyles in mind—the art we are seeking.  However, there are beautiful forms of art in the world that cannot be found in museums, galleries, or auctions.

For the past 36 years, hpf CHRISTOPHER Inc. has been traveling around the world.  This website introduces artists whom we have had the privilege of encountering through our journeys.

We hope to be art connoisseurs for our customers.



私たちhpf CHRISTOPHER Incは36年かけて世界を旅しています。今まで旅の中で出会ったアーティスト達をこのWebsiteでご紹介いたします。


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