I just αm Urara

I was born in Ueno, Tokyo, where many different cultures and values coexisted chaotically. We have a very big park similar to central park in manhattan, where all of us could come together and bask in the sun. They are the homeless, the suits, the art students, the hostess ladies, the craftsmen, the neighborhood watchmen, the yakuzas, the comedians, and I was a little questioning girl.

When I was 9 years old, I moved to New York with my family and everyday seemed to be survival but full of magic and life. My identity was being threatened in a place that had infinite possibilities. Japan was comfortable in a way that people had too much etiquette, so you could pick and choose an identity that was 'fitting' and it would pass, but little did I know there were other joys I found far greater.

Now being 29 years old and still in New York, I find myself being polyamorous, still questioning, in the middle of a global pandemic, in the middle of being an alley to #blacklivesmatter, and feeling the incredible change that is taking place in my life.

Through image, words, and creatives that I introduce, I aim to contribute to others the very hope I feel towards our collective future.

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