I just αm

“I just αm” is a fashion and arts exhibition with emerging creators from all over the world. We thrive with creators who claim the freedom of celebrating their unique identity. Through their creation, we aim to portray their underlying social, cultural, economical and/or a historical background.

The words “I just αm” is echoing in my body.

I found it in an IG post from a transgender woman. She wrote about her identity, how she's always going to speak out for her community and, the reason why: “because I just αm, me.” Those words spoke to me.

Even though her pain, experience, and joy through her journey is not my own, her words represented a sophistication of identity, as one would in a stone.

It is beautiful and extremely simple.

In any way I interpret it, there is no logic, rule, or explanation to the words “I just αm”  It is also an unpredictable, chaotic statement and I fell deeply in love with it.


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