After the pandemic comes Renaissance

2020 is the year of the rat.  It is also the year a global pandemic took over.  The notorious pandemic from the 14th century by the name of “The Plague” is theorised to have been spread into Europe by rats via a ship.  After it brought many unprecedented deaths, Europe transitioned into the Renaissance, a revolutionarily period for the arts and philosophy.  In spiritual China, rats are said to represent richness and abundance.  I find myself comparing the times we live in to the hard transitional period before the Renaissance.

Renaissance art often designed the surroundings to compliment the piece, as opposed to the more recent approach that is typical in Minimalism, which invites viewers to see the pieces in its unaltered environment.  As part of the experience, viewers consider all of the elements, giving in to a wider view of the world and the thought-process of ‘we’ as opposed to ‘I’.  I believe that artistic movements, while evolving, have dynamically contributed to our collective conscience time after time.  It brought a significant shift to the god-centuric Medieval philosophy and depicted a human-centric point of view during the Renaissance. Now possibly bringing another dire shift; an earth-centric point of view, which includes all.  It's my personal belief that the arts bring spiritual growth to the human race and acts as prophecies of something “new”. 

The lockdown of New York was about a month earlier than Tokyo, and many like myself are diving into the arts at home such as video games, virtual galleries, creative activities, and other entertainment media.  I find it natural that people are gravitating towards the arts to find emotional relief, amid this crisis.  Since lockdown, out of many industries that are economically inconvenienced, many artists and creators are especially hit with the momentary holdout of having physical platforms where they can sell their work. Now is the right time to show our utmost appreciation and respect to the medical heroes & frontliners, to take responsibility for the health safety of others and your own, all while preparing for the next possible Renaissance, by supporting our creatives in one way or another.