Andrew Chan Bio

Andrew Chan:

“Andrew Chan has a Red Groomsian comic verve.”


—Ken Johnson, The New York Times


My art is inspired by consumerism, pop culture, childhood memories, and my experiences living in Hong Kong, New York, Melbourne, and Paris. Paintings, drawings, and sculptures are populated by characters such as a pissed-off Mr. Softee, dinosaur-riding cowboys, Bushwick hipsters fetishizing authenticity, Space Jesus, and T. Rex rappers. Voyeuristic scenes depict passions, frustrations, and appetites. Paintings combine thick encaustic paints with diluted oils and acrylics, in a simultaneous state of construction and deconstruction, hinting at an elusive emotional complexity. Writing is used as a structural element, like lines of graffiti or a (sub)text. My goal is to reveal the unseen essence of things and expose our fragmented way of experiencing the world, in a satirical, liberating form.